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I won’t be home for Christmas

Sorry, Mom and Dad but I won’t be home for Christmas (again).
This Christmas will be my third year away from home. The past two were spent in the snowy, cold and very festive Whistler in Canada (psst you can read more about our time in Whistler here) This year will be a huge contrast to 2015 and 2016, as our current home is in Northern New Zealand, the warmest part of the country, also known as “the winterless North”.
Walking the beach in Omapere, New Zealand

Christmas 2017 will be spent on the beach (probably) or at the very least in a bikini in my garden.

I won't be home for Christmas
Part of my Christmas day will be spent here
Despite Christmas being the worst time of the year to be away from home, the past two Christmas’s having been spent in the ‘snowglobe’ that is Whistler, made missing home a lot easier. Because Christmas there looks like it does in the movies, with snow up to your waist, fluffy hats and scarves to keep warm, steaming mugs of coffee on our balcony and Christmas movies on repeat in the living room.
Last Christmas in Whistler, Canada

In Whistler, Christmas felt as right as it could be without my family around.

I won't be home for Christmas
Christmas day on a frozen lake in Whistler

This year, will be a hell of a lot different as it’s currently 8pm and 22 degrees and I’m sitting on my deck writing this article because it’s way too warm inside the house.  It does not feel like Christmas. Which makes the fact that I won’t be home for Christmas a hell of a lot harder.

Even though the town where we live is decorated with Christmas cheer and the hotel I work in has gone “all out” with a massive tree and a huge gingerbread house, still when I hear a Christmas song on the radio, it feels wrong.  I haven’t even watched ‘Love Actually’ yet! It’s a strange feeling not being as hyped up as I usually am for Christmas.  Maybe that’s to do with living in a warm country, maybe it’s because I’m getting older. P.S we don’t have a Christmas tree (sinful I know).

I won't be home for Christmas
The beautiful beach in Omapere
But, I have Christmas and St Stephens Day off, despite working in the hotel industry, so, I’m very lucky. It will be a balmy 25 degrees on Christmas day and despite being away from my family I’m tanned, happy and healthy.
This Christmas we’ll cook ourselves a big feed, with all the trimmings, watch some Christmas movies, maybe go to the beach for a swim and then finish the night with an expensive bottle of wine on the deck watching the stars.  It could be better, of course. I could be with my family but I’ll make sure to Skype them on Christmas eve and after seeing them, yes, I’ll probably feel sad that I won’t be home for Christmas..
I won't be home for Christmas
Stunning views are everywhere in New Zealand

But, this is the life we have chosen. In the future, we will have lots of Christmases at home. For now, we’re on our adventure trying to experience everything in this world we possibly can. That takes sacrifice.

So, here’s to spending Christmas on the other side of the world – 13 hours in the future.
I won't be home for Christmas
The sky in New Zealand

*P.S you can read more about our life in beautiful Northland, New Zealand here 

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It is nice to spend Christmas outside home once in a while. This year, I was in snowy Calgary- it was so cold and we could barely go outdoors. What a contrast from your warm Christmas in New Zealand!

I live in Auckland and think we stayed in or near Omapere last time we drove around the top of the island. (although I had to look it up on the map). I do agree, it feels funny to have Christmas in summer, but I am used to it now. Plus, I am not a fan of being in snow even though I enjoy the images. I hope you also enjoyed the same fabulous weather we had from Christmas to New Years.

Happy new year! I’m from Australia, so I’m quite used to a warm summer Christmas day, but in pursuit of that white Christmas experience you see in the movies, I’ve spent many holidays traveling, away from home, and I agree, it’s a very difficult time to be away from family, but I find that with the amazing technology we have these days it’s easy to stay connected, and video call in – my dad streams his iPad to the TV and puts me on the living room screen while everyone opens presents. Sometimes it means having to be up at 3am with the time difference – but sacrifices for family right!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas this year 🙂

Hope you had a great Christmas on the Beach in Omapara and also had a rocking start to 2018. Wishing you the best of travels in 2018. Of course, Christmas away from home does give a wee tug at the heart, but I am sure the pleasures of travel and discovering new experiences balance that out.

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