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The most photogenic spots in Hong Kong

Our unique list of the top seven Instagram spots in Hong Kong! We were lucky enough to spend five days in this cosmopolitan city. Here are what we believe to be the most instagrammable spots in Hong Kong.

Dare I say it, Hong Kong is my favourite city in Asia. Now that’s a big statement considering there are so many great cities on this continent like Hanoi, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.  I went to Hong Kong not expecting a whole lot and left well, I left not wanting to leave. It’s a mad city, crazy-busy streets, sky-high buildings, stinking humidity and Michelin-starred restaurants on every corner.

At night, the city comes alive it almost bursts with energy. This energy radiates from the pavements and you can’t help but embrace the fast-paced nature of the city. As I’ve said, I loved Hong Kong and hopefully this piece will make you fall in love with it too.

Hong Kong is instagram’s darling with many of the cities landmarks swarmed with selfie-taking tourists, in this piece I’ll show you a couple of off-the-beaten track spots that will be sure to up your Instagram game! Whether you’re spending 2 days in Hong Kong or longer you’re sure to fit some if not all of these awesome places into you itinerary!

Here’s the list of our seven best Instagram spots in Hong Kong (scroll down for more information):

  1. Choi Hung Estate, Choi Hung
  2. Monster Building, Quarry Bay
  3. Harbour City Carpark
  4. Lok Wah South Estate
  5. Nathan Road
  6. Markets in Kowloon
  7. Hong Kong red taxi

#1 –  Choi Hung estate, Choi Hung

Okay, so this one isn’t so off-the-beaten track. Choi Hung estate and in particular its colourful basketball court is one of the most popular instagram spots in all of Hong Kong. The buildings are actually council flats and back in the 70’s the council decided to paint them all different colours to lift the residents spirits. I wonder did they foresee how popular it would become with tourists? But mostly I wonder how the residents feel about the hoards of tourists photographing their homes. If you do visit, please respect the fact that people live here. Be mindful of the local residents and try not to intrude on their privacy!

How to get here (from Jordan station) –

Hop on the Tsuen Wan Line (the red line) to Mong Kok station. Change to Kwun Tong Line (green line) to Choi Hung. Take exit C4 then walk 7 minutes to Choi Hung estate. Luckily they have little signposts now pointing you in the right direction. You will see a carpark, go up the stairs next to the carpark. The basketball courts are on top of this carpark.

choi hung estate, hong kong
Choi Hung Estate, Hong Kong
choi hung estate, hong kong

#2 –  Monster building, Quarry Bay

Recognise this place? If you’ve seen Transformers: Age of Extinction this building will look familiar. This is certainly one of the best instagram spots in Hong Kong! And a lot less-crowded than I expected. Yick Cheong building or the Monster Building, as it’s been nicknamed by locals, isn’t actually a single building, but a complex composed of five connecting structures. They were built during a population boom in the 60s to offer government-subsidized housing for low-income residents.

As amazingly-cool as it is this has been a little bit tricky for me to recommend as the locals have banned photographers from snapping here without a permit. They have even put banners around the shops on the ground floor. FYI – these had been taken down when we visited but they may be back up again. Just be warned if you do visit here soon, you may not be able to take photos. As always, be respectful of the locals – this is their home.

How to get here (from Jordan station) –

Hop on the Tsuen Wan Line (red line) to Admiralty station, then hop on the Island Line (blue line) to Tai Koo station. Get off at Tai Koo and take Exit B. The buildings are but a four minute walk from here.

yick cheong building, quarry bay, hong kong
Yick Cheong Building, Quarry Bay
yick cheong building, quarry bay, hong kong

#3 – Sunset from Harbour City carpark

On the right evening Hong Kong’s sunsets can be spectacular. And one of the best places to catch a glimpse is Harbour City mall in Tsim Sha Tsui. Right by the Victoria Harbour. There are many vantage points from Harbour City to capture the approaching dusk but our favourite was from the roof of the multi-storey carpark. It’s also a great place to watch the Hong Kong light show.

harbour city, hong kong
Harbour City shopping centre, Hong Kong
light show, hong kong

#4 – Lok Wah South estate

Just off of Chun Wah Road in Kwun Tong is Lok Wah South Estate, a series of public rental housing estates that are not much to look at save for a few fun & quirky elements. The colorful children’s playground has proven to be excellent stomping grounds for curious Instagrammers. And the roof of the parking garage is Lok Wah’s most photographed asset. The roof  hosts turquoise-colored concentric circles that serve as both a bizarre subject and a fascinating backdrop.

How to get here (from Jordan station) –

Walk to Tsim Sha Tsui police station from here get the 213x bus. Get off at Lok Wah South estate. Walk two minutes to the carpark (70 Chun Wah road)

lok wah estate, hong kong
Photo credit Pixabay

#5 – The neon signs on Nathan Road

No visit to Hong Kong would be complete without a snapshot of the city’s famous neon lights. Apparently, in the next few years the shops of Hong Kong are slowly making the transition to LED lights, which do not have the same magic as neon. Other than Nathan Road you can photograph the glimmering lights of Hong Kong on Jordan Road, Tung Choi Street, and Lockhart Road.

neon lights nathan road, hong kong
Nathan road at night

#6 – The varied market stalls across Kowloon

There are hundreds if not thousands of market stalls scattered across Hong Kong. They remain a staple in everyday Hong Kong society and the locals use them to buy anything from meat to beauty products. Watch with fascination as locals and stall-holders barter over the price.

At night is when you will get the best photos of these colourful and brightly-lit stalls. Our favourite markets to photograph included Ladies Mile and Temple Street Night Market.

Temple Street Night Market [Aerial view], Hong Kong
Photo: Temple Street Night Market

#7 – Hong Kong’s famed red taxis and buses

Again, no visit to Hong Kong could end without a photograph of the city’s famed red taxis. Oh, and the city’s oh so colourful buses. Catch both of these treasures throughout the city. FYI – photographing the taxi’s at a crossing when they’re all lined up seems to have the coolest effect for instagram.

hong kong red taxi

Phew, and that’s it, my top picks for the best instagram spots in Hong Kong! If you’ve visited Hong Kong what did you think? Would you add anywhere else to the list? I’d love to hear them – let me know in the comments below.

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Introducing 10 of what we believe to be the best instagram spots in Hong Kong. Let us help you up your instagram game in the cosmopolitan Hong Kong!
Introducing 10 of what we believe to be the best instagram spots in Hong Kong. Let us help you up your instagram game in the cosmopolitan Hong Kong!

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I love when a city exceeds expectations! I can certainly see why you loved just even from the photos. I’ll definitely head to all these spots when I make it to Hong Kong myself (especially the market stalls at Kowloon).

Great list and great pics! Saw a documentary the other day explaining how Hong Kong has the most expensive real estate in the whole world and how people live in really cramped spaces. Sad that very interesting places hold tragic truths.

I have seen so many photos of nices spots in Hong Kong via Instagram and I really find it charming to see these appartment location it’s not that something that I would say “Wow” but it really gets your attention to look at it differently. By the way I love all your photos!

I love this post! Your photography is beautiful and you’ve outlined some great spots! Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ll make sure to visit these places on my upcoming trip to HK!

You’ve done a really great job capturing some of the most artistic shots in Hong Kong. Really great job. I’d love to see some of those mega apartments myself.

This couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m heading to Hong Kong in November and have some of these on my list and added a few more. Love that you added the directions, so often it’s hard to actually find these places but now it will make things easier. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing these great spots for photo ops. We have yet to make it to Asia, but I sense it’s in the future!

Very cool list! I tried to visit a few of these spots when I was in Hong Kong in June. One morning we set off by bus for Chi Lin Nunnery, and found ourselves in Choi Hung Estate! It just happens to be the closest bus stop if you’re walking up the hill. But we didn’t realise where we were, so we missed out on the class court photos. Haha!

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