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I won’t be home for Christmas

Sorry, Mom and Dad but I won’t be home for Christmas (again). This Christmas will be my third year away from home. The past two were spent in the snowy, cold and very festive Whistler in Canada (psst you can read more about our time in Whistler here) This year will be a huge contrast to […]

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16 countries in one year – is that even impressive?

16 countries in a year, I don’t even know if that’s impressive any more! I don’t know about you, but every day I’m bombarded with a constant stream of Facebook posts and filtered Instagram photos telling me why my life is inadequate and “Mr/ Mrs travel blogger” is oh-so superior to me. I’m pretty chuffed with my feat of 16 countries in less than 12 months, it was without a doubt the best thing I’ve done to date BUT and that’s a big BUT (hence the capital letters) it wasn’t all plain-sailing. And that’s why I thought you might enjoy my blog because obviously I’m going to brag about all the incredible places I’ve visited but I promise to counteract this smugness with horror stories of 16 hour bus journey’s (with no toilets on board) and bed-bug ridden hotel rooms. So here it goes, my first post to the world wide web.