Best of Ireland

Why You Should Visit Cork

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Why visit Cork? Well, I may be biased as Cork, Ireland is where I grew up. But, I’m of the opinion that Cork has it all! From the best beaches in all of Ireland, to quirky coffee shops that serve an excellent brew, to its colorful local characters who will welcome you with arms wide open. You will be adding Cork to your Ireland itinerary in no time.


12 Cool Places to Stay in Ireland

Of course Ireland is stunningly beautiful but it’s also filled with lots of cool and unique things to do. And fabulous places to stay. In this piece, I’ll give you the lowdown on 12 cool places to stay in Ireland. This Summer more than any other year, more and more people will be holidaying local. So, lets get on with it – here are my top picks for the coolest places to stay in Ireland.


Best Things to do in West Cork

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Having spent most of my childhood Summers’ in West Cork, it certainly holds a lot of nostalgia for me. West Cork is one of my favorite regions in Ireland and certainly one of the most beautiful. There are lots of things to do in West Cork from exploring unique islands, driving the famed Wild Atlantic Way or relaxing at one of the many beaches.


Ballyhoura Travel Guide

Pay a visit to Ballyhoura, Ireland

There are so many reasons why you should explore Ballyhoura. But I’ll attempt to keep it short and sweet for this article. Here’s our five top things to do in Ballyhoura, Limerick. Plus the best places to stay and eat in the Ballyhoura region.


Blarney Castle Guide

If you’re from Blarney like myself it’s a rare occurrence that you’ll venture into the Blarney Castle and Gardens. “That place is only for the Americans” me and my friends would say as teenagers. We were dragged here on School Tours or as part of the local Kids Summer Camp but we never really saw the appealing side of it that I’ve fallen in love with recently.