How Travel Can Further Your Education

One of the best things about travel is that it can help you fulfill your needs and open you up to new experiences. While some might travel simply to find the most gorgeous places to relax, there are others who are focusing on their career and educational development and want to further their goals through travel.

So, in this blog I list some of the ways travel can further your education.

Travel teaches you life skills

Soft skills matter just as much in the working world as anything else. In my opinion, one of the best things about travelling, especially without any parental or responsible figures around, is that it teaches a variety of life skills. Organisation, time management, navigation, and even safe travel can all help you become a more confident and competent person. You can learn even more if you volunteer abroad since your trip revolves around using and developing specific professional skills.

Travel teaches you to engage with local history and culture

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No matter where you go, the local area is going to be steeped in history and culture for you to learn about, helping you enrich your experience there, broaden your horizon, and come home knowing a little more than you did before. If you partner with a student travel company, you’re even more likely to find those culturally and historically rich destinations that have the most to teach. However, you need to pay attention and make sure you’re spending time on the attractions that offer that educational value, such as museums and galleries.

Travel will help you develop social skills and confidence

In order to make your trip a little less lonely, you may very well feel encouraged to meet some people while travelling, be it at a hostel, local bar, or otherwise. Meeting other travellers gives you the opportunity to experience all kinds of different perspectives. However, it can also help you develop social skills. When you’re out there alone, you might find yourself more willing to open conversations with strangers, which can help you become more confident and communicative. Of course, always keep your travel safety in mind and always meet in public places.

You might even pick up a new language on your travels

Now, this very much depends on you, your destination, and how long you are staying or how often you are visiting. However, if you are trying to learn a language, then one of the best ways is to immerse yourself in that language as much as possible and there are few better ways to do that than to spend time where that language is primarily spoken around the clock. You don’t automatically pick it up, but with a little effort, it becomes much easier than simply learning it alone at home.

Travel is an inherently educational hobby, even when you don’t necessarily mean for it to be. Hopefully, the points above show you how to get a little more educational value out of any future trips you take, or how to take trips that maximize the educational potential for you.

Thanks for reading my blog post, Aimee x

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