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10 Reasons to Visit El Salvador

el cuco beach, el salvador

Find out why El Salvador is one of my favourite destinations ever. Including 10 spectacular reasons to to visit El Salvador.


El Salvador – Everything you Need to Know

el tunco beach, el salvador

Introducing our in-depth El Salvador travel guide. With everything you need to know about where to eat, where to stay and what to do! El Salvador, where do I begin? I have fallen madly and deeply in love with this Central American gem. It’s got everything a backpacker wants and needs.


10 Reasons to Visit Guatemala

lake atitlan, guatemala

10 reasons to visit Guatemala, a cultural gem in Central America. With helpful tips to help you get the most out of your trip. Plus lots of pretty pictures. So, what are you waiting for – read on for your daily dose of travel inspiration!


Belize Travel Guide

hol chan marine reserve, belize

Here’s a detailed list of things you should know before traveling to Belize. Hands up who’s heard of Belize! Be honest! I knew very little about Belize before I started researching for our 3 month vacation to Central America.


Why you Should Visit Cuba

havana, cuba

Cuba is one of my favorite destinations ever. Here’s my reasons why you must explore Cuba. Have you ever been somewhere and for some reason, you don’t understand why, but it just feels right? That place for me was Havana. 


Canada –

The Best Canadian Roadtrip

7 inspiring tips for the best Canadian roadtrip. Canada is possibly the best country we’ve been to for a roadtrip. Because it’s safe, the views are stunning, the roads are in good condition & easy-to-navigate. We lived in Canada (Whistler to be precise) for two years so we consider ourselves semi-experts on the topic. Here are our most inspiring tips for the best Canadian roadtrip.


Luxury Travel Guide for Whistler, Canada

Introducing the scenic town of Whistler nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. We lived in Whistler for two years (from 2015 – 2017) and honestly it’s the prettiest place we’ve ever called home. We’re here today to tell you why you should make Whistler your next luxury travel destination.


Living in Whistler for a Ski Season

9 home truths about working in Whistler for a ski season! Everything you need to know before you go. Whistler is a two hour drive from Vancouver. It’s famous for skiing and it’s consistently ranked as the top Ski Resort in North America. But don’t let this villages’ small size fool you – Whistler is home to some of the best restaurants and hotels in the world. Plus, the locals are super-friendly.


Living in Whistler – honest account

backcountry hut whistler blackcomb

You want to know what living in Whistler is really like. In this piece, I’ll give you the lowdown on finding a job, finding an apartment and whether its better to be a skier or a snowboarder in Whistler.