Saying Goodbye to Whistler

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This past fortnight I waved goodbye to my home in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Whistler had been my home for the past two years, and what a crazy, beautiful madness it was. Living in Whistler  was unlike anywhere else we’ve ever lived. It’s an adrenalin-junkie’s dream with skiing being the sport of choice in the Winter (I’m sure you’ve already heard that Whistler is one of the best ski destinations in the world). And in Summer you can enjoy downhill mountain biking or kayaking in its many lakes.

In Winter, the town almost triples its population, with young people flocking from Australia and the UK predominantly, to call this ‘Winter Wonderland’ their temporary home.

As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to find decent housing there, rent is incredibly expensive and most of my friends shared a room with several others, some people even live in campervans in the villages’ outdoor carpark. We got incredibly lucky with our apartment and our jobs, even though I had to work two jobs to ensure that I had enough money for my number one hobby – travel.  Regardless of the long hours we worked, we were incredibly happy there.

Just ‘Google image’ Whistler and you’ll quickly realise why we decided to call this astounding naturally beautiful place our home.

We will miss the long cold days spent skiing, the quirky restaurants, our amazing multi-cultural group of friends, but above all we will miss the fun, care-free environment Whistler seems to effortlessly eminate at all times.

The journey to the airport on our last day was a hard one. But as always, new adventures await us.

Right now, I’m in Spain, with island-hopping in Greece next on the list.

Then in September, we will be packing our bags to relocate to Bay of Islands, New Zealand for a year,  where a completely different adventure awaits.

Tell me: have you ever considered living in Whistler or a similar Ski resort? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. P.S you can read more about our time in Whistler here

***This post originally appeared in Quinns Quill Munster News

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