Why I doubt I’ll be a Professional Travel Blogger

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This is a scary post to write.

I’m a Travel Blogger and I’m questioning whether or not I want to be a Professional Travel Blogger. Don’t get me wrong, there’s little I love more than blogging, but I’ve been thinking lately will I ever make this a full-time career? I know, I know, getting paid to travel and write about travel sounds like the dream job! But, my question is do I want to mix travelling with work? Do I want to sacrifice the chilled out attitude I have on holiday for something that feels less chilled-out and more stressed-out. These thoughts have been gathering too much space in my head these past few months and so I thought I better let it all out.

So, here’s what’s been keeping me awake at night…

1. When I’m travelling I want to get up early in the morning because I WANT to watch the sunrise, not because I’m being paid by a Tourism Board to photograph it. Put simply, what I’m saying is that when I’m travelling I want to spend my time doing things I want to do, not what the Hotel/Tourism Board is telling me to do.

2. Travelling for me is about switching off, from life’s daily stresses, turning off my work emails and only using my phone once every few days to check in with my family and friends. If I’m getting a comp stay at a hotel or a free meal at a restaurant the expectation is that I’m “on” all the time. I expect most of my time will be spent taking photos and taking notes for the blog post that will inevitably have to follow.

3. When I travel, I want to well ‘travel’ – I want to be able to leave my phone in my room while I go out for dinner. I don’t want to ever have the overwhelming urge (that so many bloggers suffer from) to photograph my dinner. Then, frantically scramble to find a WiFi connection so I can upload the photo to Instagram in all its filtered glory.

4. Similarly, I don’t want to freak out if I forget my camera one day. I want to live in the moment when I travel, I want to savor every drop this place that I’m visiting is giving to me. I want to have more memories stored in my head than I have photographs on my memory card.

5. Maybe I’m wrong but from what I’ve watched and read – being a Professional Travel Blogger seems a little restrictive and a little too scheduled for me. It goes something like this –

6am: Photoshoot with the Hotel Manager/ Town Mayor/ Local Celebrity.

7am: Breakfast at the most popular restaurant  in town with all of the above.

8am: Depart for a bus tour of the city with 50 other travel bloggers.

And so on…

6. As you can probably tell, I’m not one for guided tours, I’ve never done a Contiki Tour or the likes, that level of structured travel just doesn’t appeal to me. But that’s me – I prefer to walk around a city at my own pace and stumble upon a great Cafe or Sandwich Spot, I kind of like the thrill of arriving in an unknown city with no idea of where I’m going to stay that night. I’d rather have dinner at a roadside stall that’s overflowing with locals rather than the fine dining restaurant that’s been featured in Lonely Planet.

7. I want to write because I enjoy it and because I’ve come up with a great idea for a post. Not because I feel like I have to update my blog regularly just ‘cos. I know all the Professional Bloggers say you should write a post a day when you’re first starting out – but somedays all I wanna do is veg out in front of some trashy TV show instead of spending hours on a blog post.


8. I’m currently working two jobs, some weeks I work 60+ hours. I work these hours so that I have enough money to go on as many vacations as possible. This year I’ve been to 4 new countries, 6 new cities and plan to visit a few more before the year is out. Anyway what I’m trying to say is making my blog another form of ‘work’ is just not what I want. I want it to be fun. I want it to be something that I turn to when I feel stressed out, instead of it being the thing that makes me more stressed out.

9. I started my blog out of passion for travel and writing, and have continued on that same path. Travel blogging is not a negative thing but the general obsession with numbers, be it followers, page views, and what not, sucks the fun out of it.

Maybe all this means, I’ll never be a Professional Travel Blogger but that’s okay with me. As long as I still get to travel (obviously)!

Thanks for reading and as you can tell most of this post was tongue-in-cheek,

Aimee x



13 Thoughts to “Why I doubt I’ll be a Professional Travel Blogger”

  1. I totally understand that but you make your own choices sometimes. there are other ways you can be a professional blogger.

  2. Totally feel you girl! I have the same problem.

  3. I completely understand how you feel! The best part about travelling is that you feel free and you can do what you want whenever you want, as well as visit places that are not so well known among tourists. And as much as I love writing, I think that you made some pretty good points here! 🙂

  4. I like working too much to ever travel full time, but I do kind of like having travel blogging as a secondary profession. Sure, it adds a bit of “work” to travel, but I try to make it just that – in a work day, you don’t usually spend extra time outside of your work hours doing work. So I’ve found that when traveling, I set my hours – let’s say I want to work for an hour in the morning on the blog and such, and then travel. I do agree with the pressure of getting the perfect photo, but that’s something I do anyway, and something I liked doing before blogging. I think it’s all about finding balance and setting limits!

  5. You resonate what I feel

  6. Eva

    I feel you! Being a professional travel blogger is tough work and right now, for me, traveling is my way to wind down and experience things on my own. I always say that I want my blog to be carry itself, i.e. fund itself, which would be great for me since I’m only starting out now.

  7. I truly enjoyed this read but one thing inspires me to keeps pushing into the full time travel blog path. I am really unhappy in my current full-time job and all the the issues you wrote in this article is still a lot better than what I am doing.
    Again great read and well thought out article.

  8. I totally understand you..I do not even consider my self a travel blogger cause I spend more time without publishing any post respect to the time doing it =D On one hand for me, I like the idea of sharing with everybody my experience making the memories of what I lived more alive, in the meaning that when I have to think again of my days and write about it is a bit like when you reviewed for school, repetita juvant, the more you repeat the more things will fix in your memory! On the other hand I spend/waste so many hours checking if my english is correct (my mothertongue is italian), uploading pictures, deciding what to write and what not…so I also feel like..is it really worthy?
    Long story short, my motto is: what feels right, is right. So write when you feel like it and if u won’t become any professional blogger, nothing wrong with that =)
    Have a great day!

  9. You have some great points here. And you have captured the pressures that travel bloggers feel perfectly. I enjoyed reading this post.

  10. I agree with every word even as a blog reader. I hate getting to someone promoting a Hotel or a Company (really) I skip it, I don’t read it. Maybe I’m wrong but I want to read real experiences, someone writing this was unexpected and that was just horrible. We love traveling and we’d not to worry about payments & forever travel (at least the idea is appealing) but not at that cost. Thanks for sharing

  11. Thanks for the honesty! One more thing I imagine is not being able to to 100% authenticity if I’ll be paid to ‘enjoy’ something. Well I haven’t get paid to do that yet so we’ll see! But as for now, I agree with you that travel blogging in the current world is damn a lot of tough work and it might take away the fun of actually travelling!

  12. I feel you girl! I love wandering at my own pace and while I love tours, I want to be able to sleep in and do what I feel like on certain days (ie my last trip had to be re planned because it rained for 3 out of the 4 days! I would have been so stressed out if it was paid for and I got 0 shots)

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