11 photos to inspire you to go on a Canadian Roadtrip

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  1. Canada is probably the most visually beautiful country we’ve ever visited. It’s so diverse too, from the rainforests of British Columbia to the turquoise lakes of Alberta – there’s something to satisfy every traveller. That’s why we highly recommend adding ‘Canadian roadtrip’ to your next bucket list.
banff canada
Typical ‘Canadian’ views of turquoise lakes and fir trees

2. On your Canadian roadtrip, you will undoubtedly add lots of gems to your photo collection. We probably stopped at least once an hour on our roadtrip, because there were too many photo opportunities. You may also suffer from whiplash from turning your head every two seconds to admire the stunning views on either side of the road.

3. The drive from Lake Louise to Jasper is listed as one of National Geographic’s best in the world for spotting wildlife (read what they have to say here). We done it on a bleak rainy day (not ideal) but we still saw a Grizzly Bear, an Elk, countless deer, various species of birds, squirrels and raccoons. You MUST add this route to your Canadian roadtrip itinerary!

4. To find quirky restaurants like this one in Sicamous, British Columbia. I had a smoothie bowl – how have I never had one of these before?!!

Smoothie Bowl at Blondies Cafe, Sicamous, B.C.
Smoothie Bowl at Blondies Cafe, Sicamous, B.C

5. Staying at bucket-list worthy hotels like the famous Banff Springs Hotel is certainly something not everyone can do on their Canadian roadtrip but if you’ve saved up a little extra we highly recommend treating yourself for a night or two.

Or you could stay at the wild and wonderful Jasper Park Lodge. With my job, I’m lucky enough to get luxury hotels like these for a fraction of the cost, even if you’re not getting a discount like we did I still highly recommend experiencing either of these properties. It’s certainly an experience I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

6. To take epic photos like this one at the famous Lake Louise, Alberta. Despite how awesome this photo looks we were a little underwhelmed with this popular Lake, there were so many tourists which is to be expected but it made it seem a tad Disneyland-esque. We did go on a Sunday however, my recommendation is to visit early morning mid-week.

7. On your Canadian roadtrip be sure to get off the beaten track and explore deep into Jasper National Park. Jasper was our favourite stop-off of the roadtrip. It’s a massive area to explore and 3 nights simply wasn’t long enough, it’s very traditionally Canadian.

Emerald Lake, Jasper National Park
Emerald Lake, Jasper National Park

8. To experience that free feeling of a life on the road (even if it’s just for a week).

The road to Banff
The road to Banff

9. To always be photo-ready n your Canadian roadtrip. Always. Always. Despite constantly having a camera in my hand, my phone and laptop were never with me because when you’re experiencing all the natural beauty that Canada has to offer – why would you want to be online??

Taking photos on the road to Lake Louise
Taking photos on the road to Lake Louise

9. But the best thing about this trip was spending it with this guy, because he drove the whole way so I could sit back and enjoy the scenery (but mainly because he doesn’t trust me being in front of the wheel). Men eh? Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

13 Thoughts to “11 photos to inspire you to go on a Canadian Roadtrip”

  1. Wow! Stunning photos and a great post. I fell in love with Jasper National Park after seeing a photograph online and I really want to go there one day. Maybe I’ll have to conquer my fear of driving in unfamiliar places and do this!

  2. Yep, if I needed any more convincing that I needed to go to Canada, your pictures did the trick! Amazing scenery! And how good are smoothie bowls!?

  3. Canada reminds me a lot of New Zealand, which is also a great country for road trips! I’ll have to head over to Canada ASAP by the looks of things!

  4. i love your photos! I saw a lot of great photos for canada and it’s really amazing to see that I want to grab my bag now and go to Canada! hahaha.. But, its not easy on my part as I need visa..

  5. Such a stunning place! Definitely feeling your second point. Every time I take my friends around Norway, what would normally take 2 hrs takes us 3hrs to drive because I’m always stopping for photos. Those lakes and mountain ranges are to die for!

  6. Absolutely delightful pictures! I live three hours from Vancouver, in Washington! this definitely made me want to go visit much sooner than later! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Wow. These photos are so beautiful!!! I’m definitely inspired to visit nowwww. Planning on going to Canada in the next few years

  8. I visited Canada 3 years ago in February & it was white & freezing! But these pictures make me wanna do a roadtrip again in summer. They gorgeous! I’d probably make the hubby stop at every point to take pictures. By the way, how close were you to the grizzly bear?

  9. The photos looked lovely! And what is a smoothie bowl exactly?!??

  10. That’s some amazing photos! Have not been to Canada but I’m going to look up more now 🙂

  11. Love picture #8! 🙂 Those long shots looking up the road are the epitome of road trip photography for me.

  12. Love this! Canada is not typically a place I dream of traveling to, but your photos make it look so wonderful! I love the outdoors- Canadian road trip is now on my bucketlist!

  13. Canada’s beauty looks so pure, untouched by mass tourism. I hope I get to see it like that still. 🙂

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